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This article will answer, in probably more detail than is really necessary, what tools you need. It is known that it takes hours of deliberate practice to move from a novice into a professional, so there is no fast track in wood carving, just as in any other field. Our blades are high carbon steel so they keep their edge and are easy to sharpen. The handles made from a dense hardwood to achieve a solid presence in the hand, we also refined the shape for comfort and control. ❇️ HANDCRAFTED FEELINGS ❇️ Make a spoon with Celtic knots handle to give voice to your feelings. Wood carving kit from BeaverCraft would be a great help in your journey.

  • Japanese wood carving is rooted in personal wellness, relaxation, and an age-old meditative tradition of making with your hands.
  • All supplies, a 15 mm spoon gouge, Mikikicha carving knife, and instructions are included.
  • If you find yourself really getting into decorating your work then a specialised kolrossing knife makes the process more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Spoon carving and bowl carving is widely known as the easiest type of wood carving.

You can create spoons of utility & beauty, ranging in design from the simple to the sublime. Today the giving of Love Spoons has been expanded to include wedding or anniversary presents, housewarming gifts, and even baby shower gifts. For those woodcarvers that sell their finished work, Love Spoons make an extremely eye-catching item at craft fairs and art shows.

Hook Knife For Beginner Woodcarver

A more specialized ‘spoon mule’ is what I use. You can get the plans I used to build my spoon mule here. Getting a drawknife was a game changer for me. Having both hands on the tool makes it very safe to use. It engages your large back muscles, letting you perform very powerful cuts with a lot of control.

So if you are looking for the best spoon carving tools and you plan on carving small wooden spoons and bowls, then BeaverCraft SK1 is the right tool for you. Using traditional Japanese tools, this beginner level spoon carving kit will teach you how to carve and hollow out the bowl of a spoon. This kit is ideal for beginner level students. All children should be under direct supervision. See also Melanie Abrantes’ book Carvefor more instruction and her website for more resources. BeaverCraft spoon carving tools come in handy for bowl, cup, kuksa and spoon carving.

Some are intended for use, but many are purely decorative. Here’s what comes in the MoraKniv Woodcarving Set.I could use the more traditional “mallet and palm” carving tools to scoop out a bowl or spoon, but deep down I’m a knife carver. And most carving knives are physically incapable of hollowing a concave surface. A spoon carving knife is the tool to have when carving spoons, bowls and kuksa cups.

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These two options are the best in the availability/price/quality matrix. Make sure you get right or left-handed as needed. If you want to find a perfect spoon carving knife for sale, please check BeaverCraft SK1 on Amazon for the availability and current pricing. Let us take a closer look at the strengths and weak points of this spoon carving knife. This is a decent bowl carving knife with a 1 inch rounding diameter, 4,13 inches long handle and a total length of 6,10 inches . Get started on your wood carving hobby with this high quality set of tools and supplies!

Most of the time it won’t be the right length. Folding saws like the Bahco Laplander and those made by Silky Saws are portable and usually pretty affordable. I used a no-name hardware store crosscut saw for years until the handle broke.

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Are you looking for something special for spoon carving? Try the spoon carving knife set and you don’t want to try other tools. The spoon carving tools have razor-sharp blades and comfortable handles that helps you to carve with pleasure. With the luxury wood carving kit, you’ll enjoy spoon carving and relax.

The 164 hook knife has a stainless steel blade curved to a 1/2” internal radius. Both are easy to sharpen, hold an edge well and feel great in the hand. ⭐️ PREMIUM QUALITY WOOD CARVING SET⭐️ No worries about the quality and durability, we manufacture long-lasting and the best green woodworking tools on the market. We make sure to take care of all woodcarvers needs. Full tang is also generally more durable when compared to partial. BeaverCraft SK1 is a spoon carving knife that is produced in Ukraine under the BeaverCraft brand.


Carved spoons can be made from green wood and are perfect projects to utilize branch sized material from the yard & woods. PREMIUM QUALITY WOOD CARVING KIT – High quality and durability guaranteed! These are the best green and long lasting wood carving knives on the market. Razor sharp blades right out of the box are made of carbon steel and will serve you years of whittling wood.

You get a finished spoon and don’t end up hating everything. If you’re just dipping your toes into the spoon carving world, starting with roughed out blanks is one way to ease yourself in. Eventually you’ll want to be making these yourself. In my workshops I’ve noticed that axe work and sourcing the raw materials tend to be major barriers to folks just starting out.

Are you looking for the best spoon carving kit? The BeaverCraft spoon carving tools are great addition for every woodcarver. The wood carving kit has everything that you need to carve a beautiful spoon and to keep your knives razor-sharp. Moreover, durability of the spoon carving knife set allows you to enjoy spoon carving for many years. A quality blade is complemented with a handle of equal quality. Its material is Ashwood which is well known for being a smooth and suitable material for the best spoon carving tools.

These are the same ones we use in our Wooden Spoon Carving Workshop. 1x Mora 164 spoon carving crook with an updated handle. Interested in learning to whittle, but don’t know where to start? Our wooden spoon whittling kit is a great place to begin. For wood carving kit spoon those interested in a more professional spoon carving kit, you can check out my follow up blog post here. BUT make sure to take care of your wood carving knives stropping them before after each use, for this you’ll find a stropping kit in a box.

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This article is meant to help you make an informed decision when buying tools for carving wooden spoons, so you could start practicing spoon and bowl carving. The exciting world of wood carving is full of numerous things you can do. Spoon carving and bowl carving is widely known as the easiest type of wood carving. Depending on your desires and preferences you will have to buy the tools that work right for you. Luckily, there are a lot of best wood carving tools for beginners to choose from. We’ll help you with the best hook knife for spoon carving today.